Double the miles, double the fun

I just passed 1,300 miles on Lily (Yes she has a name now!) so this means that I have put on 650 miles in the last 5 days.  The same number of miles were put on her in the first 2 years…


Craft night

I just spent Friday night doing crafts

Lets Ride

I clocked in a little over 200 miles on the bike yesterday!  Its still a little early but I don’t think doing some hardcore traveling on her will be a problem.  I am working with the awesome guys over at Pandora Motorsports to get a saddle bag setup going and once that is done I will be ready for the open road.  I am not leaving Chattanooga, this is home!  But I will be spending a fare amount of time out and about.  A couple shots from yesterdays adventures.

My bike has more horsepower then my car. 

I pick her up tomorrow! 😊 😊 😊

30 days into Keto, down 18 lbs! I ordered a skinny shirt a few weeks ago, I l will use this for my progress pics. Doesn’t fit yet, but getting closer. 

#1millioncups is treating us with how they help service based small business scale. 

Divorce Sucks

Divorce Sucks…


So I am going through a divorce right now. At some point about 2 months ago it turns nasty, and that is the worst part. I was really hoping that we would keep our options open on how this goes down.

In the short term it has been rough, thank you to everyone that has been there for me to lean on – you guys rock! In the long term, this is for the better, I can already feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders 😀

I am not going to go into details here, but I am fine with talking about it so buy me a whiskey and I will tell you a tale of a wild and crazy ride – this image stuck me as a quick summary of it.



“Immutability Changes Everything” -Pat Helland

Keto cooking at its finest

Yes that is a tub of bacon… An EMERGENCY tub of bacon.  #alwaysprepared #keto